Thursday, March 27, 2008

What's in a name?

I think many of you may be wondering who "Tracy" is.  She's my first wife.  We met while in college back in the very early 70's.  At the time I met Tracy, we were both going to the University of New Mexico.  At the time, there were several Diana's in her sorority so she never got her messages so in order to solve the problem she decided to "change" her name to Tracy--she was reading a James Bond novel and that was the name of the woman that married James Bond.  I met her as Tracy and married her as Tracy.  She didn't morf into Diana till we came to Denver back in 1992.  She took a job in the buying offices at Weberg Furniture.  There was already a "Tracy" in the office.  They couldn't handle having two Tracys in the office so she had to go back to Diana.  In Albuquerque, everyone knows her as Tracy while everyone here in Denver knows her as Diana.  Now that we are entering a new adventure, I can go back to calling her the name I know her as---Tracy!!!
We are down to about 4 days!!! The "about" is if we get everything done.  If not, we stay on till it is done.  We won't leave till all is done and finalized.  
Got a call from Newport that Zephyr is still fine.  Just counting the days till we are there.  Trying to arrange transportation to Newport.  Need a van or small truck to get everything there.  A regular UHaul truck will be a bit tough--especially with three cats going along.  Close quarters on a trip of that length.  Need to find a van of some sort.  The hunt goes on.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Getting closer to departure

Today was a spectacular day in Denver and Spring Fever was hard to fight. Bill was waiting patiently for his IBook to arrive with UPS. It will become our backup computer on Zephyr. It would have been a perfect day for sailing, windy and sunny...not too long now. We'll probably be leaving Denver on April 30, a bit morethan a month now......Tracy

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Another day down. Got lots done again today. The end is insight at least.
We've been following the path of two boats as they go around the world. Sandpiper and Wind Dancer.
Sandpiper is now in Oman. Found them while they were in Thailand. Past thru Sri Lanka then the Maldives and now Oman. They are off to the Red Sea next. We've been emailing back and forth for the past month and a half.
Wind Dancer left La Paz Mexico a few days ago on the way to the South Pacific. Mother, father and two kids on a 36 foot Catalina. They have progressed from Alaska all the way down the West coast. Hopefully we will be following in their path next year.
We wish them both well.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another day down

Another day down. Less than two weeks to go till freedom.
Working as much as possible to get everything done for our customers. Tracy and I are framing as fast as we can. Really want to have everything done as soon as we can so we can check thru the store to make sure we don't miss anything of ours when we leave.
Reading as many manuals as possible. Can't learn enough. Each new fact could be important.
Just waiting to get to Zephyr in May. Can't be too soon.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Still in the planning stage

We're still in Colorado trying to get ready to head out to Newport, OR. We've sold the business and are working with the new owner getting her up and running. We're cleaning out a lot of the stuff at our house. Goodwill loves us. We hope to be finished with the business by April 1 so we can concentrate on the the rest of our prep(putting the house in order) to get out of town and on our way. Off to Oakland in April for "Strictly Sail". Need to look at more stuff for Zephyr. If we are lucky, we will be off for Zephyr by May 1.
We hear from Newport that Zephyr in safe and sound. Helps to have someone at the marina checking on her regularly. The have winds over 80 mph the first weekend of December. Came thru it just fine. Had damage on other boats.
Due for 4-8 inches of snow here tonight. Won't miss that. We hope to be in Mexico by this time next year.
More coming as the days pass.
Bill & Tracy