Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 32 Explore options

Today was a day of research.  I spoke with our marine supplier about the battery situation.  The wrong batteries are still in his truck.  I spent a great deal of last night and this morning reading lots of posts on other peoples opinions on batteries.  The battery company I had been lead to as having great batteries doesn't make a battery that will for into my bank. Wrong type of fastener for my connections.  Checked a few others and all of it left me with some knowledge and a few questions.  Not sure which way we will end up going,but we do know that it won't be fixed for probably two weeks. It may take that long to get them here.  Believe me people--the service you get in Denver at finding what you need and being able to take it home with you the day you see it just doesn't happen here on the coast. It's a week minimum on the simplest things.  To get it sooner may require another trip to Portland.  Many of the companies get their shipments from California not Portland.   This will take some work.   Unfortunately, the clock is ticking.  We have to be getting ourselves ready to get back up North.  We've only gotten out past the breakwater once since we got here.

We ran errands early in the afternoon.  Picked up some sandpaper and wire brush.  The sand paper to sand down the fiberglass that makes up the holding tanks for the forward head. We bought the protectant suit at West Marine on Wednesday while in Portland.  With luck, I'll be at it tomorrow.  

We checked on the fire extinguishers that we were supposed to get back at the end of this week(insert turnip truck here).  Not back and have no idea when they will be. Had to be sent to Albany-60 miles east of here-for testing.  They've had them almost 4 weeks.  Try that in Denver and see how long you will stay in business.  If you are the only place that services fire extinguishers, you can get away with this type of service.

The metal bracket that will hold the tv against the wall--dropped off the design on Tuesday--promised to be done on Thursday(not done and was promised for today) not done again.  Promised for Monday(insert turnip truck again).

 Late this afternoon we worked on the wheel steering.  As you turn the wheel to starboard it would bind up at 23 degrees.  Kind of bound up at 23 degrees to port but not as bad.  Bill(previous owner) had advised me on how to add hydraulic jack fluid to the reservoir thru a tube in the binnacle(holds the wheel and compass).  Slowly poured the oil into the line and turned the wheel each direction. Down went the oil--lots of it.  At least I think it was a lot. Never having done it before I'm not sure how much is a lot.  Once the oil was showing outside the binnacle, we played with the steering.  turning it to port and back to starboard over and over to make sure all the oil got where it was supposed to go. The steering was better but not fixed.  If you had the wheel all the way to port and turned it all the way to starboard, it went fine.  If you were at dead center and turned it to starboard, it would bind up.  Not as bad as it had been but still binding.  The mystery deepens.  We will see how it operates tomorrow after a night of rest.

We saw SUN TODAY!!!   Lots of it.  Blue and Snowshoe just sat outside and relaxed in the sun as we worked on the steering.   Blue only tried to jump off the boat once.   It sure made a difference in our days spirits.  You can only take so much cloudy weather.  Ahh--the warmth on the body sure felt great.  Tomorrow--more sun!
Tomorrow--onto the holding tank or up the mast-wind willing.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 31-The Good and the Bad

Each day bring new surprises.  Ours came this afternoon when Hugh(boat supplier) got back with our new batteries.  Went up to inspect and make arrangements to get them to the boat.  He'd brought the wrong batteries--again!!!  This time they weren't even from the right manufacturer.  We'd specified Trojan Batteries as everyone we had talked to had told us good thing about them.  He arrived with batteries from a company called Deka.  Never heard of them.  He(Hugh) said he had ordered the right ones but the supplier didn't.  Yeah--right.  Not only that, but he ordered the wrong type.  The ones that came in require a different type of charging system than what is on Zephyr.  We're not ready to spend money replacing a perfectly good charging system on top of the batteries.  Not sure where we go from here.  Probably have to try again tomorrow.  Get specific from Trojans web site.  Another weeks delay.  It takes that long to get them from his supplier. 

With the deck fitting for the waste tank replaced, we took Zephyr over to the pump out station to get her cleaned out.  Boy, what excitement!!  Took a while to get the vacuum system on the dock to start it pumping but once it did, it went smoothly. We refilled the tank four more times with water from a hose on the dock and pumped and pumped.  Now it's nice and clean.  Now comes the fiberglass repairs and repairs of the waste pump system.  Boy what fun I have to look forward to.  We put the boat back in the slip with the bow facing in instead of out. In Winter, the bow should face South and in the Summer, North.  With the change in seasons, the normal wind changes its direction from North to South in Summer and out of the South in the Winter.  We'd been set up for Winter winds since September.  Now we are ready for Summer winds. 

We'd planned on practicing docking this afternoon but the steering sounded strange--sort of a cranking sound.  Should be nice and quiet.  I'd emailed Bill(previous owner) and he wrote back with explicit instructions on how to do it.   Can't tell you how great it is to have him there as a tremendous font of knowledge of Zephyrs systems.  If you're reading this Bill, thanks. We will be working on it tomorrow.

This morning started out early.  At 6:35, we heard a person coming on board our boat.    Walking around on deck and then getting off.  A few seconds later, he came back and put something back on deck.  Tracy saw him out the stern port lights.  I got dressed and took off to find out what was up.  He was a fisherman on another boat.  Apparently they were having a problem getting their boat started and needed some gasoline to prime their engine.  Since I had a gasoline tank on my deck, well heck it was right there in the open, so it was fair game.  What he did not realized was that it was full of Diesel. It was the tank that I used for filling the filters during the filter change.   Must have come as a surprise.  He returned it after finding out it was diesel.  By the time I got out of the boat, he had left to get his own gas.  I spoke to him upon his return.  Didn't really seem to care  about what he had done.  Just gave me a blank stare and went back to the engine.  It really was an eye opener about what will will leave on deck from here on out.

Tomorrow, the fiberglass fun begins and I'm really looking forward to working on the pump to the forward head tank.    Yeah right!!

Day 30 One month in and going strong!

We've just finished our first month here in Newport.  Now I understand why it is so green in Oregon.  It's all the rain, fog, mist and humidity.  It was misting today when we left for Portland and it was the same when we got back 11 hours later.  We picked a great day to go as it was wet and clammy all day long.  Not much better in Portland.  

Spoke to the service manager at the shop that is working on Zephyr before we left this morning.  The batteries were due into Corvallis(52 miles east) today.  Got a call later--delayed till tomorrow.  No big deal.  They are bringing them in for us.  It will be lots of fun hauling them down to the dock and getting them installed.  All a learning experience.   We'll see how the charger works with the new batteries.

Picked up all three sails at North Sails after having lunch again at Qdoba.  Just couldn't miss that little bit of home when in the big city.  The sails all look great.  All the hanks got replaced and extra webbing was added at stress points on the sail.  Now all I have to do is go up the mast and get all the rigging set up so we can use them.  All we need now is a nice sunny day.  If I have to go up there, I'd at least like it to be pleasant.  

We had the thrill of going thru the Grass Seed Capital of the World today.  Yes, that's right, Linn County is the Grass Seed Capital of the World.  Amazing the things you learn as you drive down the highway.  We'll have to investigate it next time we go to Portland.  I can't wait :-).

We stopped by West Marine while in Portland.  Needed a protective suit for doing the fiberglass work as well as a respirator for the dust I'll be making as I prepare the waste tank for repair in the next few days.  It has to be dry to do what is needed and it is anything but that at this time.  With luck, we'll get the boat to the pump out station tomorrow so we can get the first part done--empty the tank.  Part two is fix the heads fiberglass tank seam where it broke and part 3 is fix the pump that is used when we are over three miles off shore to dispose of what is in the tank.

Since it was sprinkling when we got home, the three sails are waiting in the car.  No reason to get them wet bringing them to the boat.  They are nice and safe there.

The forecast if for more rain tomorrow--I hope they are wrong!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 28 More jobs done

The refrigerator started acting up over the past few days.  Sometimes down to 28, sometimes up to 48.  There was no continuity.  The compressor ran and stopped, ran and stopped.  Never seemed to make a full cycle on its run.  I turned it off last night for a minute or so and then back on.  Seemed fine after that, but this morning, no ice in the tray.  Just wouldn't get cold enough.  We went in search of a refrigeration specialist this morning and actually had one at the boat by 3pm.  Checked out the entire unit.  His conclusion was that we had put to much food in the cabinet with the compressor and had blocked a lot of the air flow that is necessary for proper operation of the fans.  Just was running to hot.  He recommended adding another vent to the cabinet and put baffles between the fan and the condenser.  This way, all the air will be pulled thru the condenser and keep it cool.  Add the extra vent and all should be fine.  All in all, the unit is in great condition.  At 26 years of age, that's not bad.  

Earlier in the day, we received a call from the company we have been talking to about replacing the refrigerator.  Gave him the specs and he will be getting back drawings and his ideas as to installing the new unit.  This unit is supposed to run at half the energy demands of virtually any other unit on the market.  With ours being so old, I'm sure the energy demands for it are much more than what is required by todays units.  

We took the "drill" (used to raising the main and adjusting the genoa)back the the company that sold it to us for repairs.  Apparently, a screw that holds the chuck onto the drill sheered off inside the chuck.  It is being returned to Alameda, California for repairs.  Should be back in 10 days--maybe.  

The replacement deck cap for the forward head tank(won't open) arrived.  The replacement is the same bronze that is there.  After the frig man left, I started the installation.  First loosened all the hose clamps and take out the screws.  Now the hard part--after 26 years, it was really attached to the boat and didn't want to come out.  I had to use two hammers and knock the claw of one under the edge of the other and try and pry it out.   It took some prying but it finally came out.  While the catalog said what we got was the exactly the same thing as what we had--not so!!  Not even close.  Much larger diameter and a totally different diameter of pipe.  Off to the hardware store.  Got the necessary parts and a hole drill to enlarge the opening.  As is the normal way of things, the drills battery died with about 1/8" to go in cutting the hole.  Had to recharge the battery to finish the job.  Once charged, all went fine.  Had to cut down the hose to the fitting but the job is done.  Now we can pump out the tank and I can fix the fiberglass and the pump used to empty the tank while off shore.  Doing one job leads to others.

North Sails called today.  Our sails are all done.  If the weather is rotten tomorrow, we are off to Portland again.  Only took one week!! Great service--all three sails done.

 Tracy made a great dinner of sliced turkey in an alfredo sauce served on a bed of spaghetti noodles.  Ah--the joys a new stove brings!!  Saw the Harbor Master today.  He is going to install the old stove in his camper and use it himself.  Glad he can put it to good use.  I had passed on all the hardware as well as the installation manual.  Hope he enjoys it.  Better than throwing it away.

I know it seems strange but one of the hardest things to get used to is remembering what day it is.  I've stopped wearing a wrist watch.  We take each day as it comes and continue on.  Knowing what day it is has just about lost its importance.  If it wasn't knowing what is on tv that evening, we would just not know what day it is.  Once the tv is gone,  we will have to mark our calendar if we are to remember.  Being in the working world for so long, it is hard to imagine not really caring what day it is.  Just what job we can do that day and making arrangement to get it done.  Getting parts on Sunday is the hardest part.  Just about everybody is closed and many businesses close at 3 on Saturday afternoon.  They roll up the sidewalks at 5pm.

Tomorrow, we meet with the battery supplier to see what batteries he has ordered and wether they will fit the boat.  If not, we will try again.  Our extended comfort depends many times on how our batteries work and how long they work.

Tracy spent some of the afternoon scrubbing more canvas on the boat and re-water proofing it.  Has to dry before the next rain storm.  That would be late tonight or tomorrow morning.  We're stuck in a low pressure zone.  Everything is coming at us from the East not the West as is the norm.  Makes for very unsettled weather.

I've added a video I took last week while we were at the beach.  With it being well over 90 that day, it was a great time to go there.  A lot cooler though strange to see the fog and haze caused by the difference of the temperature between the water and the air.  If it gets warmer, we expect we will get back there.  But until then, working on Zephyr comes first.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 27 Happy Memorial Day

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day.  Here--it was rain, mist, clouds, fog and more rain.  

Other than going to Safeway for more provisions, we stayed inside the boat.  Just too dark and drab out there.  It's times like this that we miss Colorado and your clear blue skies.  I know Oregon had nice weather, but when will it get here?

I spent the day paying bills and working on a new navigation program.  Tracy scrubbed canvas to get out the algae that had settled in over the Winter.  She worked up quite the sweat getting it out.  I hung them out to dry but with this humidity, it will be quite a while.

The photo at left show Blue trying to escape.  Last week we had a big hot spell(95 degrees) so all the port lights were open.   They all have screens in them.  Blue found the one
 that the screen didn't quite fit in.  It's on the stern above the berth.  It goes out to open air--no deck--no nothing, just water.   She just wanted out of the boat to explore where ever she could go.  I found her half way out the window when I entered the cabin.  As you can see, she has a guilty look on her face.  She hustled her butt back in as soon as she saw me coming.  She made an even bigger blunder later that week by jumping off the boat onto the marina.  Tracy caught her.  She came scurrying back on deck as fast as she could and down below deck.  We're not sure how she got onto the marina as the gate thru the lifelines was closed and we have a net going just about all the way around the boat on the lifelines.  We grounded her for a day--not that she understood what was happening but she hasn't been left alone on deck since then.  Snowshoe routinely explores on deck but shows little interest in jumping ship.  Shadow has gone to the top of the stairs and no farther.  He just doesn't care about going there.  

Tomorrows forecast--more rain.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day 26--the hunt is on

I've remarked in earlier posts about our water pump problems.    The pump worked fine pressurizing the system as long as the tank was full, once it hit half full, the the pump would never shut off.   Today we started the investigation.  We traced all the water lines and marked what came from where and what went where.  Then we started turning off the valves that feed the water to the boat.  We have four tanks with each having it's own set of valves.  Since we figure that only one tank has a problem, if we turn off three tanks, then as we empty a tank with no problems, the one that gives us the problem is the one that needs repair.   Hope this logic works.  Guess we will see over the next few days.

While I did the laundry, Tracy inventoried the food supplies that we had moved aboard.  It all went in so fast, there was no accounting for what went where.  Now we have a list of what is where.  Will make eating at home much easier.

I installed a new navigation program this evening.  Up and running but needs refinement.  I can't load all the charts the program provides.  I'm going to keep playing with it.  I'll find the charts.

Not an exciting day but we are making progress.  We will be practicing docking this boat on Tuesday after the vacationers go home.  There will be a lot less boats by then.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 25--FINALLY!

We finally made it off shore!!!

Spent the morning trying to get Zephyr set up for sailing--yes that's right sailing.  We had become a floating home with all the things we had brought aboard, not a cruising sailboat.  Lots had to be stowed.  

Once completed, we took off for the pump out dock.  First things first.  Priorities.  Pulled into the dock just fine--pretty much a first.  Hooked up the pump and voila, we were back in business--at least in the head.

Now out to sail.  As we headed out, there was a BIG boat blocking most of the entry point to the harbor.  As we tried to pass, he suddenly pulled a 180 degree turn and headed back in.  Turned out to be the Corp of Engineers dredging ship.  He was still at it when we returned home.  Headed out into a washing machine of a sea.  No wave definition.  They came at us from all sides.  We were below surrounding waves most of the time we were out there.  We sit about 11 feet above the water line so it was interesting.  Not what we were used to.  The wind was only running at 2-4 knots once we got out there.  The boat pretty much sat--at least as far as making forward progress.  Not a lot of fun.  We unfurled the genoa to get more sail out.  Strangely, it wouldn't stay up at the top of the mast.  The block that hold the halyard(line that holds the sail at the top of the mast) just wouldn't grab the line.  Age may be catching up with it.  I'll be investigating it tomorrow.  May have to order a replacement.

With the wind so little and the seas so upset, we headed back after only about two hours.  While it was great finally getting out, it was like sailing in your washing machine.  

Tracy forgot her sea sickness pills.  She paid for it shortly after getting out past the breakwater. She won't make that mistake again.

Once we got back, we had some cleaning up to do inside the boat.  While we had tried to stow the loose stuff in the boat,  we had failed and there was a good bit of things that has gone flying as we took on the disturbed seas.  We took stock of what had happened and took notes as to what to do and what not to do next time.

Tomorrow--read more manuals and do laundry.  Lots of fishermen here.  Halibut season if finishing up.  We want to stay out of their way. 

Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 24 We have liftoff!

Ladies and gentlemen--we have achieved lift off!!

The engine has started!!  The mechanic showed up this morning and in a space of two hours we were up and running.  While I watched intently, Tracy made lots of notes and watched.  We both learned a lot about the ins and outs of how to do the jobs.  We started out changing the first filter.  I'd have screwed it up.  My old Austin had a similar filter arrangement.  The big difference was that the screw up the center of the filter undid the entire filter.  With this filter, it only opened up the filter to drain the bottom of the filter.  It turns out that the entire filter has to be turned as a unit.  With that done, it dropped off slick as a whistle.  All the air has to be bled out of the filters.  Bet you didn't know that.  No air can get into the engine--at least not that way.  Bill(the previous owner) had installed an extra pump in front of the filters and it drove all the air out of all three just fine.  The engine started up at the first crank of the starter.  We had achieved engine!!

After letting it warm up for 10 minutes we shut it down and changed the oil.  Again--slick as a whistle.  Fired it up again to let the oil circulate and we were done.  Now we can do what ever we want--even go sailing--yes--go sailing!

After we came back from running errands--our "drill" came in as did the bits that fit in it so we can use it with the winches.  Our third remote control showed up for our Select Comfort mattress(it didn't work right either) and the cutting board we ordered for the new stove came also.  We were on a roll.  We went to the fuel/pump out dock to check on taking Zephyr over for her pump out. They had closed early.  Oh well, you can't win them all.  

Tomorrows another day.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 23. If at first you don't succeed--etc

When I walked into the shop that ordered the batteries for Zephyr, I saw this collection of batteries lined up on the floor.  All nice and neat--two for the engine starter circuit and 6 for the house bank.  Only problem--they were not the type we had wanted.  They all require water to be added like an automobile battery, not a sealed system that is virtually maintenance free. If we took a knock down, I don't want battery acid coming into the cabin.  The manager had ordered the wrong batteries!!  He thought all Trojan Batteries were maintenance free.  Oh so wrong.  He called the supplier to get it reordered.  Only one problem--they won't be delivered to Newport till June 4--almost two weeks from now.  They(the supplier) can deliver them to Corvallis(52 miles East of here) next Wednesday.  If I have to, I'll drive out there and get them.  Eight batteries will weigh quite a bit, but I don't see that we have much choice.  With the delay in the batteries, we added lots of water to the ones we have and made sure they were getting charged.  All read at the correct voltage.   

Since we didn't have batteries to install and it was cloudy and spitting rain at random intervals, we took off of Tillamook---home of incredible cheese.  Quite a setup.  Lots of hands on work.  We had thought it would have been more automated. Not so.  Each block is processed by hand from the time it comes from the storage room.  From the cutter to the wrapper, each is supervised and inspected by more people than I thought possible.  An amazing setup.  Bought lots of different types of cheese to bring home.  Never heard of "squeaky cheese".  It turns out to be curds.  The primary part of most cheese. When you chew it, it squeaks in your mouth.    Strange to say the least.  

The filters for the diesel and oil came in today!  We plan on getting them installed tomorrow. With luck, we may actually be out sailing by the weekend!  Pray we don't see that turnip truck again.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 22--Our new stove!

Yes, that's right, our new stove!!  We finally got it installed this morning.  The propane line procurer called me back this morning and has to order  the proper "in code" line from California.  We expect it here in the next few days.  Meanwhile, I drove to his store and picked up the old line and brought it back and installed it.  Tracy had figured a way to get it in without a tremendous amount of pain.  It's not up to "code" but it works!  We will install the other line when it arrives in a few days.  

This baby has electronic ignition and is actually accurate in the oven temperatures.  No more having to light it with a match or butane lighter.   We've entered a new century in cooking and convenience. 

The new batteries should be here tomorrow and the filters I ordered from Bellingham WA should be here too.  All are scheduled to be installed Thursday and Friday.  With luck, we will be sailing off shore by Saturday.  The sailing is the easy part--docking when we get back is another matter.  Practice, practice, practice!!  As long as the wind is manageable,  we shouldn't have any problems.  

On Monday, I took a product called Corrosion X and did every screw and bolt I could find on Zephyr.  It is supposed to lubricate and take away any kind of corrosion that has built up over the years.  So far, that which was a bit hard to screw down or in now works very easily.  We will see how long it lasts.  Supposedly better than WD-40.  Leaves less residue. We will see.

Right now, it's off to laundry. Tracy has promised me chicken curry for dinner tonight!!  Ah--the joys of a new stove are great!  

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 21 No joy in Newport.

Spent the day installing the new stove.  Hauled out the old one and turned it over to the Harbor Master so he can pass it along to a new owner.  Brought the new one down from the office.  Got it below with no problem.  Sized up the installation.  Measured once, measured twice and then started in.  The owners/installation manual isn't worth much.  As it turns out, all the measurements the factory supplies were wrong.  The stove is smaller than what the factory says.  I had to get wood blocks to bring in the brackets from the side of the wall from the local cabinet shop and stainless steels screws for installation.  Pulled out the drill and went at it.  Got the brackets installed and lifted the stove into place.  To big a wood block(to tight).  Since I'd added a 1/4" spacer, I took it out.  Stove was lifted up and put in.  Guess what,  there is no such thing as a 90 degree angle in a boat.  I'd measured fine, it's just that the space I was putting the oven into isn't square.  Out came the stove and in went the drill for new installation.  Fit fine this time.  
Went  to install the propane hoses.  They have to be attached to the stove first and then the juncture line from the tank.  There  is no way to attach it to the stove with it in place.  Unfortunately, there is no way to attach it to the juncture line after the stove is in place.  Off to the hardware store for more parts.  They didn't sell it and sent me to the local propane store--they don't supply those parts.  He sent me to a store that sells propane lines.  He doesn't have the parts but is looking into it and may have an answer tomorrow.  The stove looks good.  It just doesn't work.  
Has rained off and on all day long.  It's raining now and messing with our satellite reception.  Making watching NCIS really tough.  Oh well, I can always download it tomorrow off the internet if we miss the end of the show.

Day 20 Off to Portland!

We took off for Portland today to get the sails inspected and have them fixed.  With lots of corrosion on all the metal parts--hanks and eyelets--they need replacing.  Where better than North Sails--the largest producer of sails in the world.  I have them on Sloop to Nuts--our boat in Colorado--as well as the Main and Genoa here on Zephyr.  They should be calling us by the end of the week with the estimate.  Repairs should be done by June 1st.  Remember, these are people in the big city that want your business and not Newport.  While we were in Portland, the mechanic finally called me back.  Only 5 days past his last promised date of calling.  He asked me what I wanted done to Zephyr.  My response to him was that I had gotten tired of waiting for his call and had found another mechanic.  His response--"That's great!"  He was quite happy I had found someone else to do the job and he could go back to doing God knows what.  His company runs on it's own time I guess.  Must not need the money.  

Before we went to North Sails, we stopped at Qdoba for lunch.  A little bit of Colorado.  After North Sails, we were off to West Marine for more parts and equipment.  Didn't have the thru deck for the waste pump out.  Didn't have the zincs for the rudder nor the parts we needed to fix the forestay.  As a matter of fact, they didn't have anything we needed.  They sent us to another chandlery for more equipment, but they struck out also.  Guess it's back to the internet and catalogs.  Got my haircut on the way back to Newport in a shopping center we stopped at to get more cat food.  A can of Friskies runs 73 cents in Newport--under 40 at Petsmart.

While we were in Portland, we got a call from the marina office that our new stove had arrived.  We will pick it up tomorrow with  a four wheel dolly we brought with us.  We took out the existing stove this evening.  With lots of rain in the forecast over the next two days,  we will have to chose our time carefully.  Don't want it setting out in the rain.  Now all I have to do is find someone here that would like our old stove.  Nothing wrong with it other than some rust.  I'll talk to the Harbor Master tomorrow.  With luck he will know someone that can use it.  I'd hate to just throw it away.  All Tracy and I have to do now is get it up the small stairway to the cockpit and off the boat with out denting it and get the new one on with out denting it.  Hopefully it will come apart so it is lighter and a bit smaller.  The doorway is only 22 inches wide at its widest.   It's on a wood pallet in the marina office.  I saw it there tonight when we got back.

Tomorrow is another day.  

Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 19-Odd day in Newport

Another day has come and gone here in Newport.  A bit odd perhaps but ok.

Started out taking all our head sails up to the parking lot to see what we had.  Bill had stored them in the sheds by his house for the past 8-10 years.  We had a storm jib, a regular jib(sails that fit between the mast and the roller furled genoa at the bow of the boat) plus a spinnaker.  After so many years in storage bags, the humidity of the Seattle area had taken its toll. There was quite a bit of corrosion on every piece of metal on all the sails.  The hanks--all bronze(attaches the sails to the stays) were badly corroded.  The eyelets(holes in the sails the hanks go thru) were also shot.   The spinnaker had a bit of wear on the sails from use.  We're taking all of them to Portland tomorrow to get repaired.  With all the rest of the work that is scheduled for Zephyr over the next few weeks, we should be able to get them back before we leave for Port Townsend in Washington next month.  Found some more hardware that needs replacing while working on the rigging yesterday.  With luck, I'll find it in Portland tomorrow and not have to order it.

Had lunch at "Arctic Circle" restaurant.  A nice local burger joint in the middle of town.  The afternoon went by a bit slower.  While I read manuals on the radar, chartplotter and GPS, plus the engine and fired up the electronics, everybody else slept the afternoon away.  It was a bit chilly and foggy this afternoon, not to mention windy again so to cool too work outside.  Dinner was catch as catch can--everyone for themselves--leftovers all around.

Watched a bit of tv this evening and then hiked up the hill.  There was so much fog, you couldn't see the end of the dock let alone the bridge.  Tomorrow is the last decent day before the rains come back on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We hope for better by the weekend.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Day 18--no internet

We lost internet yesterday.  I could connect to the router but the router wasn't connected to the internet.  They didn't fix it until late this afternoon.

Yesterday was a cleanup day. Tracy cleaned up the cockpit as well as other places that needed help.  The cockpit was full of lots of odds and ends.  Now it's all cleaned up and looks great.  I worked on some other projects.  It just kept getting hotter yesterday.  Finally topped out at 95!!! I thought we should take a day and visit the beach.  It just might be cooler so off we went about 12 noon.  Stopped at a few stores on the way --even had lunch at McDonalds.  It was air conditioned!!  Some times you must sacrifice for the greater good--cool air!  Afterwards we went the beach. Walked down on the North side of the jetty.  Hot-hot-hot and then suddenly cool.  It was like we went thru a thermocline.  It suddenly dropped about 15+ degrees and was lovely.  Walked down the beach and just watched the ocean crash into the beach. Only about 10-15 people there.  Finally walked back to the car and came home.   Finally started cooling off later in the day.  Went to see the sun go down while feasting on ice cream.  Not a bad way to finish the day.

Today was cooler but nice and sunny.  Only in the 70's today.  Met several other sailers on the marina today.  Each discussing their boats.  Some date back to 1969!!  I find it quite surprising how few of the newer boats are here.  Maybe 2 made within the past 10 years.  Most date back to the 80 or earlier. Not sure where all the new boats are going but it's not here.

Worked on  straightening the nav station. Tried to install new lifting hardware but it didn't fit. I'll have to try again on Monday to find new hardware.  Just about every body is closed on Sundays. They close at 3 on Saturday!  Checked on some electrical circuitry this afternoon.  Want to install a tank monitor system in the front head.  Need electrical power to do so. Luckily, I found a circuit right by the tank.  Will make it very easy to install.

Measured some lines we found in the boat--coiled and put away.   Cooked up a bunch of chicken for dinner and lots of leftovers for another day.  

Tonight--research more equipment for Zephyr.  

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day 16--finally success!

I went in search of a mechanic today.  I finally gave up on the one we had spoken to over the past month.  Found one that could come straight down to the boat!!  As it turns out, as I went up to the marina office, I saw a business across the way and there was a sign out front that said "Marine".  I stopped in and started talking to them about our problems. Their response was that they don't work on diesel engines.  I told them the engine was fine.  I simply needed the filters replace, the oil changed and the batteries looked at. They thought they could handle it just fine.   The mechanic came down to Zephyr and looked her over.  Didn't see anything hard about changing the filters and found the batteries were old and some were fried and all really need to be replaced.  They are almost 4 years old. Better safe than sorry.  We ordered a dozen of each filter--3 different ones plus a full sent of batteries.  With luck, we should have everything changed by Monday!!  It will be nice to have her up and running again.  He asked why I hadn't started the engine.  Did I think anything was wrong? Nope, I told him, I just want to make sure that the engine was getting nice clean fuel.  Prevention is primary to keeping the engine running smoothly.

Ran errands for several hours.  Ordered my winch driver--also know as a super powerful 90 degree drill as well as the bits for removing the teak.  Went to pick up the stainless steel tiller since I was sure it had been re-welded by now. After all, he told us on Tuesday that it would be done by Wednesday. Here comes that turnip truck again.  Yeah, that's right--it hadn't been touched.  At least he sat down and did it while I was there.  I even ordered a lift mechanism for holding open the lid of the navigation table.  It has to come from Portland, but may be here by tomorrow.

Tried to get up the mast this afternoon. Hooked up the Topclimber to a line and started up. Got about 1/3 of the way up before I gave out.  We had hooked up an extra line and attached it to the harness I was wearing.  Tracy kept it taut as I went up. Unfortunately, it crossed over the lift mechanism and made it hard to propel myself up the line.  We will try a different way tomorrow.

Enjoyed a nice warm sunny day today.  Warmest since we got here.  75 degrees.  It's 72 now according to the weather man.  Tomorrow--mid 80's.   Yeah!! 

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 15--on the phone

Spent a lot of today ordering things.  Started out with a new stove.  The old one works but won't lock in one position.  Most sailboat stoves are fastened to the boat with pins on the sides so that it can pivot as the boat heels in the wind.  Most also have a locking mechanism so it can be locked down when in port where you don't need it to pivot.  Ours doesn't have them.  If you put things on the top of the stove it will pivot every time.  Not necessarily a good thing when it's not needed.  It doesn't help that it doesn't heat worth a darn.  Tracy made beef enchiladas yesterday.  Just never got quite hot enough to cook it.

Ordered the replacement kit to fix the front head pump.  Should be here by early next week.  Can't do anything anyway since the tank is still full.  Can't get to the pump out station till the mechanic shows up and as expected, there was no call from him today as promised.  What a surprise?  

Ordered in a new set of electronic charts for one of my chart plotters.  This one will cover from Point Conception to Mazatlan.  I joined a club that is organized by the manufacturer.  You get one free update for joining as well as other perks.   It will be a big help having new charts when we get there later this year.  The previous electronic charts were from about 9 years ago.

Ordered some new light fixtures.  We have several that have rusted so much they wouldn't light.  Time for new ones and maybe new wiring if it is gone also.

Ordered the blades needed for getting the caulk off the deck for when we can redo the teak deck.  Tried to get them locally but they have to be ordered in so it will take a few days.  Also ordered in a right angle drill for use with the winches.  When used with  a special special bit, we can use the drill to reel in the lines that control the sails.  To get a "marine" one, it's over $1000 for it.  Getting a regular one off the shelf that doesn't say "marine" is only $375.  I figured I could get the same for a lot less money.

Had a visit from Kathy Sellon and her husband this afternoon. We were heading out to run errands and suddenly I heard my name called as well as Diana.  They are working their way around the state and stopped in to Newport and said hello.  We took them on a tour of Zephyr. 

Weather was great today.  Nice and sunny.  Forecast is for real heat for the weekend.  We may hit the 90's by Friday.  I'll take that over the 50's we've been having since we got here.

Tomorrow is another day of adventure 

Day 14--Two weeks in!!!

Two weeks in and the work is progressing nicely even if we can't get a workman here to save our souls.  

The electrician that was due here last Thursday or Friday---I called him today to see what was happening.  Now I get "I'll try and get there in the next few days".  Here comes that turnip truck again!  The diesel mechanic is supposed to call me tomorrow to lie to me again as to when he will be here.  He's put us off three times now.  The fiberglass repairman I called called me back after I called him a second time.  He doesn't work on boats, only bathroom fixtures.  I've got a fiberglass repair kit and am ready to do it myself.  It won't be seen by the public so who cares how pretty a job I do.  As long as I get the leak stopped on the holding tank.  Figure if I put at least three coats on, that should do it.  Of course, it has to stop raining and get to 60 degrees before I can start the project.  We were one degree from setting a new record for the coldest high temperature (50) on record.

We dropped off two fire extinguishers on Monday of last week.  I tried to call to see how they were doing as far as getting recharged and inspected.  All I got was the answering machine.

I know that patience is a virtue, but come on.  All I hear on the news is how bad the economy is.  I'm trying to put money into the economy and all I get is excuses and delays.  Is there something about small towns I'm missing?  Newport's not that big!   OK, the rant is over.  Now back to the really important stuff.

While pulling things out of the front bunk, I came across the tiller for the emergency steering system that is used if the main hydraulic goes bad.  Couldn't find a bolt or pin that is used to connect it to the rod that goes thru the deck and fits on the rudder.  Plus, I found the weld is broken on one side.  It has a "U" shaped end that goes over the rod that goes below deck.  One side of the "U" is cracked.  I went to the hardware store and got a new bolt as well as a new pin and cotter pin.  Never hurts to have a backup.  I then found a welder that can re-weld it.  Don't want to be in some big blow and have it go bad at the most inopportune time. I can pick it up tomorrow.

We were taking some more things to Good Will when we stopped at the local feed store to get cat food.  We got great service from one of the owners.  One of the items we were taking to Good Will was our old TV that has a DVD player in it.  Tracy thought she might be able to use it as a sales aide.  Run DVD's about the products she sells.  We offered it to her and instead of using it for the store, she will be using it to teach CPR classes.  Had always had to jury rig a system to show her students.  Now she has it all in one unit.  Tried to pay us, but we refused.  At least we know it will be used for a good cause.

Still making more inroads in to getting more organized.  We stopped bringing boxes over for the past few days until I get caught up on what I have here.  She's looking better but has a ways to go.  The last few boxes are wine(yeah), and tools and odd stuff I packed.   The workbench is already packed on Zephyr so I need to organize before the rest comes.  

Tomorrow--fiberglass and maybe that trip up the mast, weather permitting.....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day 13--Billy's in town!!

Today marks a special day for Newport.   Bill Clinton came to town stumping for Hillary.  Guess where we were?  Doing laundry and mounting the new tv to the wall of Zephyr.  What did you think?? That we would take time out of our day to go see him?   He was in the parking lot of the marina!!!   Hundreds of people showed up to see him.  Lots of cars.  We stayed out of it.  Now if Monica had showed up, that would have been a different matter :-).  We now have clean clothes and Zephyr is looking a lot more organized.

Called a fiberglass repairman to fix the tank for the head.  Left a message on his recorder.  No call back today--gee what a surprise!  Hope we hear back tomorrow.  Called the engine mechanic today.  The office secretary called back after talking to him.  He's busy with another job but might be able to get to us some time on Thursday.  Oh--I just fell off the turnip truck too.  The electrician has never called us back.  I'll try him tomorrow. 

Forgot to tell you about the adventures of "Blue the Wonder Cat"!!  Yesterday while we were working in the "garage", we look up and there was Blue staring over the dingy at us.  We don't have clue as to how she got out of the boat, but get out she did.  She wondered around the deck without a seeming care in the world at least until a big bird made a noise and then she scurried her furry butt down the stairs.  She was out again today.  At least this time, the door was open.  Snowshoe also wandered out.  So far no problems.  We just watch them for now just to make sure they don't do anything stupid.

I'll be ordering some things tomorrow from one of the boating companies.  This being a fishing town, there is not a lot of sailer supplies here.  Beats driving all the way to Portland.  May take a few days to get here, but it takes that long to get any workman to work on boats too.  

The weather here is supposed to improve over the rest of the week.  May hit the 90's by the weekend.  I'll settle for a nice sunny day.  If it gets nice enough, I'm heading up the mast.  Lots of work to do there.  Install halyards(they raise the sails) for the spinnaker and the staysail.  Plus I'm putting on the inner forestay.  When I checked in the "garage", I found a nice steel plate holding down the fastener for the inner forestay.  From what I had been told by other owners, no Liberty was built with the backing plate there, so one of the owners must have had it installed.  At least I don't have to have one made.  

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Day 12 Happy Mothers day & Tracy's Birthday!

Happy Mothers Day to all of you out there and a Happy Birthday to Tracy!! 

Another nice day.  Mother nature can't make up her mind.  Friday was great, Saturday rainy and drizzle and today another nice day.  We had lots of outdoor things to do so I'm glad it was nice.  

For the past week, we have had problems with not only a stinky head but a stinky bilge.  Today we went exploring to see why.  Boy what fun?  We figured that the tank for the forward head was in the storage locker in the bow of the boat.  We have referred to it as the "garage".  Big and deep with lots of storage.   First we had to move the 100 pound dingy that was on top of it.  Then dig in.  Lots of stuff.  Paint, varnish, ropes, halyards, standing rigging for the inner forestay, even more finders for the boat.  Down we went to the bottom.  Finally found the tank for the waste from the front head.  Several tubes going in and out.  Tracy went to the head and pumped the toilet.  Suddenly water came spouting out the side of the tank.  Voila, problem found.  It was spouting waste water out of the tank and down into the bilge where it stunk up the boat.  Now we have a decision to make.  Have the tank fixed--fiberglass over the crack, or replace the tank.   Fixing it would be easier but there is always the possibility of it cracking again.  Replacing the tank would solve the problem but requires cutting the old tank out of the boat.  It was fiberglassed right to the hull of the boat.  We have to talk to a fiberglass man tomorrow( if we can find one).  We also found that the pump that is used to pump out the waste works but doesn't pump anything.  It goes up and down but nothing goes off the boat.  I took off the hose on the downside of the pump(lots of guts) and had Tracy hit the pump switch.  The pump went up and down but nothing passed thru it(thank God).  The tank got so full, it finally broke.  I'd hit the switch several days ago trying to make sure the tank had space in it for more "stuff".  Since it ran, I figured it was fine.  The odor that followed was not.    Since more "water" had gone into the bilge, we had to clean it out.  We poured in lots of water down into the "garage".  It went right into the boat and straight to the bilge where Tracy pumped it out with the bilge pump.  I took the hose from the bow to the bilge hosing out the passageway of the water all the way to the bilge and then hosed out the bilge with even more water and pumped it out.  Now the boat smells a whole lot better.  We're down to one head but we can always walk up the hill.  God bless duct tape.  It's covering the split as we speak.  Should hold till we can get it fixed.  With the tank full, it needs to be pumped out but we can't start the engine till the mechanic gets here.  Need to make sure that the filters are clean before we try and start her.  Then we can get to the tank pumped out at the pumpout station and get it fixed.  Tomorrow--order the new pump so at least we will be ready.

The rest of the day was spent deciding where to put the things we took out of the garage.  What to keep and what to throw.  The bow is still too heavy so we had to move some things to the stern.  Measured line we found in the garage and stowed it.  Finally got  it all stowed.

Off to the showers and a nice birthday dinner--steak and salad with a nice bottle of wine from the Flying Dutchman Winery--right up the road outside of Depoe Bay.  Desert of Strawberry Shortcake.  Watching the finally of Survivor.  Dishes still to do before bed time.  Tomorrows another day.

Day 11--Mother Nature strikes back!!

Yesterday was just too good.  Today, Mother Nature struck back.  Clouds, fog, rain, mist, sprinkles--everything but SUN!!  Tomorrow is set to be the same but up to the 90s by Thursday--yeah right :-)  There is a sucker born every minute.

More organizing this morning since we were pretty much stuck inside.  With the water tanks full, we even took showers in the boat.  The pump worked just fine.

We took off for Corvallis, Albany and Salem looking for the new TV.  About half way to Corvallis, there was a big accident.  A truck similar to one of the midsize UHauls had swerved into the on coming lane and then tried to swerve back into its own lane.  Unfortunately, one of the on coming cars swerved toward the shoulder of the road and hit the rock wall beside the road and burst into flames.  The truck that tried to serve back did it so fast that it flipped  on its side blocking the road.  So there was a burned out car on the left and a flipped truck on the right.  On a two lane road, that means stop.  By the time we got there, there was a backup of about a mile.  Saw the ambulances and fire engines leaving about a half hour after we got in line with all the other cars.  No idea if anyone was hurt but don't see how someone couldn't have been.  Hopefully they are all right.  That delayed us by well over an hour.  Not like we had any time constraints other than getting to the stores before they closed.

We finally got to Albany and stopped for lunner--or dinch.  Take your pick.  It was well past lunch time and not quite to dinner time--so lunner/dinch.  We ate at "Roger's" in Albany.  Another small family diner.  We see no reason to eat at all the big box restaurants when there is so much local cuisine to try.  We want to get out of the rut of the same old food over and over again.  Tracy cooked a dinner the other night of a chicken curry sauce with red peppers, carrots served on a baked potato with grated cheddar cheese on top.  Really tasted good.  

Found Costco in Albany and bought a nice 26" Sharp LED tv.  Quite a change from the small 14" we've been using.  Now all I have to do is get it mounted to the wall of the boat.  We bought an adjustable bracket that bolts to the wall and allows the tv to swing out to any angle we want and then swing back against the wall.  This way, we can be anywhere in the main cabin and see the tv just fine.  I have to figure a way to keep it in place against the wall so it doesn't swing out as we sail.  

Took  a very round about route home since we figured the accident would take hours to get cleaned up.  Went north to Salem and then west to Lincoln City.  Probably double the distance, but beats waiting on the road for another hour.  Thank goodness it stopped raining when we got back to the boat.  Made it much easier to get everything back to her.  We unboxed the tv and spent the rest of the evening(8:30 by the time we got home) unpacking everything and getting the tv set up.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day 10--It finally happened!!!

It finally happened!!! A day full of SUNSHINE!!!  Virtually the entire day was beautiful.  Into the mid 50's and calm.  Well sort of calm--maybe 5 mph of wind.  It's about time!!
We got quite a bit done with the weather so pleasant.   It took an hour and a half, but we got the water tanks filled.  They were down to about a third of a tank.  They hold 265 gallons so it took quite a while to get the job done.  Couldn't run the hose at full pressure as it caused the water to bubble out the top of the pipes on deck.  We had been having problems with the pressurized water system on board.  A pump aboard pumps the water to a pressure of 40lbs and shuts off.  It fills a tank and keeps it under pressure so that when you turn on the water, you get a nice steady stream of water.  For some strange reason, when the tanks are at half or less, the pump runs all the time and never pressurizes the tanks--accumulator or heater tank.  It just keeps on going.  If the water tanks are filled, it works just fine.  Don't know why but I have put the question to a "sailors forum" website I look at.  We will see what they think in wrong.
Next, we flushed the bilge tank.  It smelled bad--quite sulphury.  Not a pleasant odor to have in a boat.  We put our water hose down there with a nozzle to add some power and added lots of water and then pumped it out--over and over again.  After about 5 times, we figure most of the offensive stuff was gone.  We then poured so vinegar down there to kill anything that might be living there.  Plan on pumping it out again tomorrow.  Not really sure where the water is coming from--probably from around the propeller since it hasn't been started since we got here.  Time will tell.  I'll find the leak.
Tracy vacuumed the boat to get all the cat stuff up.  Looks much better.  When you have little to no carpet, everything shows.
Next--off to Lincoln City to try and find a LED TV for the boat.  It quickly became apparent to us that we really were in small town America.  The few stores we found that actually had tvs had at best 5 to choose from and nothing with the size we need.  Oh well, off to Albany, Corvallis or Salem tomorrow.  The hunt goes on.
I spoke with  a metal fabricator today about making a plate to go under the foredeck to brace the inner forestay.    When we hoist the jib on Zephyr--that's the inner sail on the bow of the boat--not the big genoa at the front of the boat--the metal fastener that holds the wire to the deck has no backing under it.  With enough pressure from the wind, it could rip right out of the deck taking a lot of fiberglass with it(bad).  It's been recommended by other Liberty owners to get a stainless plate made to be attached to the inner forestay.  This will then spread out the stress on the front deck and stop the possibility of ripping out the front deck(good).  I'll measure it tomorrow and get it made on Monday.
The equipment I needed to get me up the mast came today.  Now, I can get up there and get things fixed and installed.  It works just like mountain climbing equipment except it's for boater.  Much easier to use.  It attaches to the line that is used to hoist the main sail and I slowly lift myself up with the straps and stand up.  Then I pull up with my legs and do it all over again.  Up and up to the top.  When I get up there, I'll take my camera and try and get the pictures loaded so you can see them.
Neither the mechanic nor the electrician showed up this week.  Oh well, there is always next week.  Patience patience patience!!!!  Did make arrangements to have the bottom of the boat inspected and cleaned if necessary some time next week.  It's a bit hairy down there.  Zephyr will sail better with a clean bottom.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day 9. Another day in paradise?

Cloudy, windy with intermittent periods of sunshine.  What I'd give for a full day of sunshine.  

We've had some questions posed to us.  How do we get water when sailing off shore?  Zephyr carries 265 gallons of water.  That's a lot by any standard.  We're looking into a water maker.  They can make any where from a little to a lot.  There are a few draw backs to having one of them onboard.  First they require lots of power.  The engine has to be running to get enough energy to make it work properly.  Second, they need to be flushed and "pickled" (what ever that means)if not used regularly.  It really allows boaters to stay out as long as they have food to eat.  You can't run them in harbors as there is to much water contamination.

Yes, the boats goes lower in the water the more you add to it.  Zephyr starts out at 32,000lbs empty.  She weighed 38,000lbs at the haul out back in August.  After we are done provisioning for the voyage, we figure she will hit 42,000.  Big slow but well equipped.

Lunch was a bit strange today.  We were out running errands and stopped by a typical roadside diner just south of Newport that specializes in fish--go figure.  Typical roadside diner--old picture on the walls, hand made wine bottle stoppers, postcards and peeling linoleum on the floor and lots of fish on the menu.  Strangely, they were playing Ravel's Bolero, Moonlight Sonata and other classics in the background.  Good food but unlikely music playing in the background. 

We plan on ordering a new water pump tomorrow.  Nothing that will fit the bill here in Newport.  The current pump pumps fine but just won't pressurize the system.  It is supposed to get pressure up to about 45 pounds and shut off.  This way, we have lots of water(both hot & cold) when the faucet is turned on.  It is supposed to kick back on when the pressure drops and re-pressurize the system.  It worked the way it is supposed to once since we got here but now just runs and runs and runs.  Time for a new one.

The replacement Direct TV unit came today.  We've had the last one for 11 years.  The new one is less than half the size.  Now we can get all the local channels.  Boy "Survivor"was great tonight.  We may be on  a boat, but there is no reason to do without the simple pleasures of life(TV?).

Down to three boxes plus the wine.  YEA!!!  The end is insight.

Day 8

Another day of fun.  Two more boxes down.  Four plus two loaded with the fruit of the grape (wine) to go and then the odd stuff.  Generator(for when we are away from the marina), air compressor( for those odd needs to blow things up), plus lots more tools.
Another day of organizing what has come into the boat.  Files, folders of information on how to do things, etc.
The water pump for the fresh water seems to be dying.  When I turn it on, it fills a tank and keeps it under pressure plus fills the hot water tank.  When both tanks are full and a certain amount of water pressure has been achieved, the pump shuts off.  When you turn on a faucet, you have instant water under pressure.  As the pressure drops, the pump turns back on and the system gets re-pressurized.  When you turn the water off, the pump runs until the tank is re-pressurized.  This goes on and on.  It's not like a cities water supply that always keeps the pipes under pressure.  This is pressure on demand.  It uses less battery power that way.   Our pump just keeps on pumping.  Never shutting off.  We plan on filling the tanks tomorrow and see if that might fix the problem, but we doubt it will do any good.  Three of the tanks are at half full and the fourth is down to about a third.  Each tank has a valve that joins all the tanks into one big system.  We have no idea what valve goes to what tank.  We plan on turning off one of the valves and see what tank stays full.  If we do this over the next few fill ups, we will know what valve goes to which tank.  Another piece of the plan.  We set forth on the search for a new pump tomorrow.  There are several stores we plan on hitting here in Newport.  If none suitable, there is always the internet.
With luck, the engine mechanic will be here tomorrow.  We await his call.  Still no call back from the electrician.  I'll try him again tomorrow.
We took in two fire extinguishers for testing and refilling.  One had somehow discharged.  Once they are done, we will take in the rest.  Our insurance company wants them brought up to date.  Can't say as how I blame them.  We also have to update our propane system.  Currently, one pipe goes into the boat then splits into two lines to separate appliances.  Thaw was fine in 1982, but it's not up to code now.  Each appliance must have its own line.  Several more things need tweaking but nothing big.
That's about it for now.  Tomorrows another day.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day 7--week 1

First week down and still more to unpack.  Boy it's getting old.  Got two from the shed but only got to one today.  The other is waiting on deck.  
I spent a great deal of today organizing the many manuals and instruction sheets that Bill Gardner (Zephyrs previous owner) had kept.  Thank God he did!! It will make my life here on Zephyr much easier if I can pull one of the manuals and see what is what and what is where should anything break down.  You never really appreciate the manuals--God forbid we should actually read one of the things when we are trying to install stuff--until you need to refer back to one and can't find it.  Bill  had them all arranged in nice plastic organizers.  All I had to do was consolidate and label.  I had to lay them all out on  two big tables to get them all set up.  Once that was done, label each file and put a second label on the box they will be stored in and I was done.  Took several hours but I only have to do it once.  Again, Bill, if you are reading this--my thanks!!
Ate dinner from available stores we brought with us.  Tracy found a box that you add several breasts of chicken to a mixture of potatoes and cheese that comes in the box and cook at 400 degrees for 40 minutes.  Came out a bit stuck to the bottom of the pan even after using Pam. Tasted fine though Tracy was a bit concerned that the cheese stuff she put on them was quite brown and not the normal color of cheese.  Of course the fact that the expiration date on the box was January 2000 had nothing to do with that.  Since we are still alive, I guess the expiration date was no big deal.  Hey--what's 8 years past due?
We had to download shows off the internet tonight as the Direct TV replacement hasn't arrived and there were some shows we really wanted to catch up on.  The small dish on the stern of the boat does make it easier to get the internet out here in the bay.  I'm well over 1000 feet from the WiFi broadcast antenna for the marina/rv park.  Amazing what a bit of technology can do for you.  I don't have to  hike up to the laundry room to get on the internet.  With the wind howling at 15-20 knots, it does make it easier.
Our Winslow life raft will be here in about three weeks.  It will give us a much better sense of safety having it strapped to the stern of the boat while we go out sailing.
The engine mechanic called back this pm.  He thinks he will be by on Thursday or Friday.  I'm not going to even turn over the engine till he finishes looking at it.  No reason to stir up any sediment that may be in the tanks or laying in wait at the bottoms of the filters by the engine. Since there is no hurry at this time to take her out sailing, waiting is the best option.  
I still have to go up the mast and check the rigging and lines and the equipment to do that won't be here till at least Friday.  Plus, I still have to have a stainless steel plate made to go under the inner forestay so the front deck doesn't bulge if we hoist the sails at the bow.  One of the joys of Zephyr is that she is "cutter" rigged.  That means she has two sails in front of  the mast.  If you only have one, you are a sloop.  With two, you can have more sails up--go faster.  Or furl the big sail on the bow (genoa) and put up a smaller sail farther back on the boat, but still in front of the mast, and have better control when the wind and seas really begin to blow.  It allows a boat to take on much more serious sailing in higher winds instead of doing without a sail on the bow of the boat.  
Tomorrow--more wind and 20% chance of rain.  Where are you sunshine?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Day 6

Another day, another box.  They just keep on coming.  Down to 11 and counting.  All in good time.

Had a flat tire today--or at least a nail in one.  The front two tires were just about flat when we got here.  The front right was all the way gone and the left was close.  Luckily, we had a pump in the trunk and got them re-inflated.  Had them checked today and there was a nail in the right tire. Amazing that I made it here back in December with it as it hadn't been driven since I left.   At least I didn't have to buy a new tire.  I've always tried in the past to get nails in the side walls so that I have to buy a new tire rather than in the tread so I didn't ;-).  It could just be fixed this time.  Nice people at the tire store.  Didn't even charge me for the fix.
Went to the Coast Guard offices today to see about trying out some of my flares that I carry on the boat.  Some date back to the year Zephyr was made--1982.  Long since out of date (only good for three years).  I figured who better to show me how to set them off than the Coast Guard.  It's comforting to have them on board, but I don't want to have to stop and read the instruction on how to set them off while my boat is sinking underneath me.  I'm not sure the Coast Guard people actually believed me.  They're just used to people taking them off the coast and setting them off to see how it's done.  Said to just bring them by and they'd  light them up it they could.  We were both in the Coast Guard Auxiliary for several years and even they didn't teach us how to do it.   Should have time over the next few days.  Windy again today--sunny but quite windy.  
Had lunch at Volta Deli--Bakery and Gumbo shop in downtown Newport.  Had all of three tables.  Specializes in African/Caribbean food.  I had Turkey Gumbo and Tracy had Seafood Gumbo--which amounted to Turkey Gumbo with  some crab thrown in.  Now visualize this all you folks from Colorado--It came to the table boiling around the edges of the bowl!!!  Just try and get your food that hot at Colorado's altitude.  There are some advantages to having your food served at sea level.  It stays hot a whole lot longer!!  Was quite tasty.
Did laundry today.  Boy what excitement!  Brought us back to college days sitting in the laundry room.  Unfortunately, no pinball machine to play with.
The rigger we had contacted called today.  He inspected Zephyr last week.  Agrees its time to change it.  The wires don't look bad, it is just time.  Most rigging gets changed every 7-10 years.   For those of you out there that don't know what a rigger does--he replaces the wires that hold up the mast.  It's much better to have the mast vertical than have it horizontal.  If it goes horizontal--it means you're in a heap of trouble.  After getting them changed, he "tunes" them so that they hold the mast at just the right pressure.  A sailboat in the America's Cup last year cracked in half and sank because the wires were much to tight.  Think of the mast as an arrow pointed down, right at the center of the boat and the wires as the bow string.  Pull them to tight and the mast will go right through the boat--BAD!!  He has only rigged about one boat a year and recommended taking down the mast and sending the wires to Portland to have them measured and replaced.  He would then "tune" the rigging after it was re-installed on the boat.  With that kind of limited experience, we will probably have to take Zephyr back to Washington and have it done.  Its just to risky to have it done by anyone but a very experienced professional.  We don't want to be 800 miles from shore in  a big blow and suddenly hear a loud twang.  You can be sure if it happened, it would be in the middle of the night just for kicks.  So it looks like we will be heading back to Seattle some time this Summer.  I've already made contacts there for the job.  
Hung more pictures today.   Even a calendar.  God knows what for.   Zephyr is fast becoming HOME!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Day 5

Got lots done today.  Installed the Direct Tv  on the boat!!!  All the comforts of home!  The unit we have is so old that Direct Tv couldn't reprogram it for Oregon so they are sending us a new unit.  Verizon said the same about the telephone program we were on.  It was discontinued years ago.  It suited us just fine.  Amazingly, the new program cost more.  What a surprise?  Didn't figure it would be cheaper.  Oh well--the joys of progress?
WINDY today--sunny but wind of 15-20 knots all day.  Kept quite a chill in the air.  Tomorrow is to be better if you actually believe the weather people(yeah--right).  
We picked up one of the boxes from the storage unit and got it put away.  Hope to do one a day if possible.  Space is getting limited so we will be doing our best to find all the available nooks and crannies.  
With the freezer/refrigerator so small, we are going thru the frozen food we brought with us.  County Line ribs from New Mexico.  Just couldn't leave them in Aurora.  That would have been a crime!!!
Blue took her first walk on deck today.  Or at least in the cockpit.  Didn't see any sea gulls, etc so she was fine.  Had to shoo her back in later.  Now considers going outside her birth right.  Stands at the top of the companionway and meows.  Lot of good that will do her.  Snowshoe also went out but really doesn't care.  Had to shoo him back in also but he never asked to go out again.  He knows where the food is.  Smart boy!!
More coming.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day 4, missed day 3

Sorry I missed yesterday.  Just to busy and to much to do to get the time.  It was suddenly midnight.  
Rented a storage space and unloaded what was left.  Got the truck back to Toledo, OR and kept trying to get the boat organized.  Boy have we got a lot of stuff.  Most of the cupboards are full and we still have a lot to go.  At least there is no real hurry.  Take it slow and methodical. 
Still trying to get internet at the boat.  The new antenna works fine on deck but not inside so I bought more cable to hopefully get it to connect.  I'll be trying to get the Direct TV dish installed this pm if the weather clears up. Overcast and about a 20 knot wind.  
Newport is celebrating "Liberty Day"  The main drag is shut down and with the current weather--wind and spotty rain, it should be fun. The parade goes all afternoon.
The kids have settled in with only the occasional spat.  Not to bad all in all. 
Well, back to the boat--lots to organize and stow.  Monday starts the calls to the mechanics and electricians, etc.  Oh Boy!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Day 2, Year 1, same location

Boy what a day!!! Went at the truck with everything we had.  Just couldn't finish it.  Finally rented a space at a local storage place about a mile from the marina--if that.  Got about 80% done but since we have to return the truck by 11am tomorrow, there was just no way.  The big job--moving in the Select Comfort bed into the master stateroom was a whole lot of fun.  The previous bed was just to firm, even with a foam panel on top.  We already had the mattress, we just had to take it with us and get it installed here.  Not hard, but of course it sprinkled all day.  Finally quit just after we got the bed in the boat.  Was nice this evening.
Tracy has been unpacking all day as I brought more boxes to her.  She brought a lot down to when we were returning to the boat from errands.  Most of the holds are just about full.  We will be eating at the boat for quite some time--at least after we get her back in ship shape and everything stowed.  
Got the navigation software back up and running.  Now we have charts, GPS and AIS(automatic identification system) running of the lap top computer.  The AIS is great!!! It identifies commercial boats around us.  They have to had a radio transponder on their boats broadcasting who they are and what their course is plus lots more information.  Make it easier to radio them if they are barreling down on us.
The kids are just about back to normal  Blue still snipes at the other kids, just not quite as much.  She remembers the new bed from the house and as soon as it was setup, she moved right on in.  Took it over.  Heaven help the other cat that tried to be on the bed with her.  A few hours have passed and now the others are allows on the bed.  Makes for a much happier boat.
Tracy crashed just after 10 tonight.  She is whipped.  No surprise since she was going at it with everything she had.  Hope she sleeps well tonight.  She just couldn't stand the boat so disorganized.  With a storage place, we can at least get Zephyr more ship shape before we open another box.
Keith--the man that was watching Zephyr over the Winter stopped by this afternoon while we were taking more things to the boat.  His being there really gave us great piece of mind and a really nice feeling of security.  We were both glad he helped us out while we were gone.  Our hats go off to him for all his help.
That's about it for tonight.  More to come as Newport celebrates "Loyalty Day" over the weekend.  Not sure what it is but we expect to be there with all the other Newporters.

I've been so busy, I haven't shaved since we left Denver on Monday.  I look like a bum!!