Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 550 & 551 More errands and prep to get underway.

We've spent the past days running errands and getting things set for heading out either Thursday or Friday morning.  The rental car has been a big help since this marina is very isolated.

Laundry, groceries and more equipment were on the list as well as visiting a local pharmacy that puts together first aid packs for cruisers.  We'd been clued into them when we talked to Jeff Casher (owns another Liberty 458)last week.  While we have a large kit on board, many of the medicines in it were way out of date and needed replacing.  Plus, since we will be pretty much on our own out in the boonies, it helps to have as much equipment as you can just in case.  Tracy cut her finger a few weeks ago and we found we didn't have all the equipment we really needed to get her taken care of properly.  We'll be picking up our new set of equipment today.

I still have to change the oil in the engine before we set out.  I prefer to make sure there is absolutely no water down in there after we blew the oil cooler at Catalina Island.

Our replacement starter showed up yesterday so now we have to find a place to stow it.  A big, heavy chunk of steel.  More ballast to weigh us down.  

George and Celeste took off yesterday for Catalina Island but ran smack into a large dense fog back right out side the harbor.  They turned around and came right back to the marina.  They have no radar to "see" into it and with the harbor being so busy, they felt it safer to turn back.  We've had fog for the past few days out there.  I guess we will see what it is like when we are ready to set out.  We may just head for San Diego instead of back to Catalina for a week of rest from the rush we have been going through for the past two weeks here.

That's about it for now.  We'll let you know where we end up.

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