Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 554 Into Dana Point

We got up early to leave for Dana Point as it was set to be about a 42 miles day.  The winds were forecast to be off our port(left)stern quarter.  Basically behind us and on the left side at about 10 knots.  Not great but it would push us along.  We prepped all the sails--took sail ties off and put up the lazy jacks(these are lines that go on either side of the boom that hold the sail in place before you raise it), ran the lines for the smaller forestaysail to the cockpit and got the Genoa ready for unfurling and we were off.

We disconnected from the buoy we'd been attached to for the night and threaded our way our of the field of other buoys and out into the channel.  Hey guess what--no wind!!  Motor, do your thing.  Along we went past a few ferry boats on their way to the Catalina.  Some fishing boats and a few other cruisers.  Calm seas and winds!!  Rats!!

We checked with the Harbor Master at Dana Point as we approached to make sure there was room in the anchorage.  No problem we were told.  We pulled in and there was only one other boat!!  We got in while there was still some sunshine which made it nice to get settled so the furr people could stroll around the deck.  The anchor went down about 1530 at 33 27.635N  117 42.359W.  An hour or so later, two more boats joined us making a total of four boats at anchor with lots tied up to slips in the marinas.

The local college was having a class on how to row-standing up--an old wind surfer board.   We've seen lots of them as we work out way South.  the first was when we anchored off Pebble Beach.  It does teach you balance and will build upper body strength and I guess it's a good way to use your old wind surfer boards.

I'd defrosted some steaks so the barbecue got fired up and we had a nice dinner in a peaceful harbor.

We will be off for San Diego this morning.  Neither of us thought that we would make it this far after our experience up at Sea Marine.  They just about broke our spirit.  But, here we are.  Just a few miles north of the Mexican border!!  Next week, we will be getting our visas and fishing licenses.   Another rental car will be a must to get around.

I'll post pictures once we get into San Diego.  With luck, we will be in by 1530.  The Sun is now setting before 1700 so, to be safe, we have to be in earlier than that.  We don't like to enter a strange harbor in the dark.

More to come.

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James NomadRip said...

I have been wanting to get a Stand-up Paddleboard (SUP) for a while now. It looks like a lot of fun, and we have flat water out here for miles to explore.