Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 552 & 553 Final prep and we're out of here!

Wednesday was run run run all over the place getting the last minutes things done and picked up while we still had the rent a car from Enterprise.  I finally got back to the marina about 1830.  

We were still waiting for a package with a new toy.  A folding ladder to make it easier(and possible)to get back aboard Puff(our dingy)when we have gone into the water off shore.  Currently, it is almost impossible to hoist yourself over the inflatable tubes.  We found a folding ladder from the Seafaring Store that ties to the eye bolt in the middle of the floor of the dingy and then  has bent steel bars that go over the top of the tubes and has collapsing steps that drop down into the water.  As you can see from the picture above, it will be perfect for our problem.

We picked up our "new"medical kit with all its new supplies.  Everything that was out of date was gotten rid of and lots more equipment was added.  Now, if something happens(God forbid) we are better prepared for it.  Bill(previous owner) had given us an off shore medical kit that he had put on board years ago and while it had lots of equipment, we felt it was lacking some things.  The Seaside Pharmacy equips off shore boats with the necessary equipment--and at very reasonable prices.

I returned the car yesterday morning and returned to Zephyr to take a shower and wait for the last package.  It finally showed up about 1100.  I walked over to the office(a little over a mile away) and picked it up.  Returning to Zephyr to fill up her water tanks and we were under way back to Catalina Island for a bit of relaxation.  We pulled in about 1715 just after the Sun had gone down and picked up a buoy.  We're back at 33 26.665N  118 29.833W for the night.  It was nice to not hear the trains blowing their whistles.  We're only here for the night and will be taking off for Dana Point early in the morning as it's about 40 miles away.   A night there and then off for San Diego.

We ran the engine all the way to Catalina Island just to make sure the new transmission was leak proof.  After the trip, there were no leaks at all!! Yeah!!!  We may finally be done with that problem.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Got to go and get ready for todays trip back to the mainland.  More once we get there.

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